snapshots and observations

Saturday, 13 September 2014


this was a little coffee shop in w1
where i was given some very fancy looking coffees.

i'll now slip in a few of iphone pics to show you the coffees.

first off, before i started shooting, i was given this
i-coffee ?

then after the shoot the barista made this for me

then he made this
all in all it was a good shoot.


i could certainly fill a blog post or two by showing you some interiors
i've photographed recently.

this was in the greek place two posts down

yesterday in somerset

yes they were the same shoes as i wore a few days previously in the greek restaurant.
no it wasn't the same t-shirt.


this was in a greek restaurant last week
i've owned this pose for many years now.


having two weeks off my blog means you've had two weeks without
seeing a photo of me in a restaurant looking miserable.

here i am. representing n7, looking miserable, with orange laces.

so all's well in the world.


i must admit, i'm enjoying this one photo per post thing.
one photo with very few words is even better.

it reminds me of 'the word sweet'
remember ?

can you guess what these things are ?

an even longer story

another long story

no apologies, no regrets

we sell two pairs of socks which have our company slogan embroidered onto them.

no apologies, no regrets.

it's a long story.


all four of the sock club london socks are embroidered
this one has the sock club logo


as well as socks, we also sell umbrellas

here's one being held by mrs w while i was lying on the ground shooting up
to the sky.

you know how i like the colour orange, right ?

well, a lot of the sock club products include that colour.

sock club london

sock club london

i started a side project a while ago.
working with a friend of mine, the two of us came up with an idea.
it's a long story, but while i'm catching up with my blog let me just get to the
punchline and give you the website of the company i started.

you can look there and read all about it.

maybe even buy some socks ?

catching up again

this has been getting out of hand.

the only way to catch up with my one post per day tactic now is to probably just
use one photo per post 14 times and then start again.

i would also like to try and take it back to when i showed photos from a proper
camera on my blog, and just showed iphone photos one day per week.


the reason i am 14 days behind with this blog