snapshots and observations

Sunday, 31 January 2010

oh dear

oh dear...

sunday grrr !

check out these bad boys...
nike sb lobster dunks

before breakfast it's time to run to the corner shop and buy
the sunday paper. i bought the observer but i was very
tempted by the red-tops and their stories of how england's
captain has been getting on.
i think he'll be lucky to retain his father of the year award in 2010.

toast and lime marmalade for breakfast, and a magic coffee
in my favourite mug.

i went off to the QEII conference centre for the tokyo day exhibition.
there was an old guy painting on silk
and a demonstration of some new robots
this next pic really needs clicking on to enlarge it so you
can read it properly. it's the storylines of some of the anime
shows which were being screened
fantastic stuff !

afterwards i took a stroll through st james's park
this little fellow was going rogue. he was running about 
all over the place.

this squirrel was tempted by my offer of a piece of twix

then it was time to grab some food in the park
at a place called 'inn the park'

sausages, mash and gravy
perfect nosh on a cold day.

the walk back to the car was so cold that i really felt the  
need for a hot drink. 
in a shock move i shunned the coffee...
and ordered up a hot chocolate. it was a right let down.
grrr !

Saturday, 30 January 2010


saturday at 8am and i popped out for a paper
the guardian is the newspaper of choice at whitfield towers
but i did like the front page of the currant bun
england's captain does it again !

the ground was frostier than the atmosphere
in john terry's house today
and i was sporting my snakeskin roadstas

when i got back with the paper
i sat down in the corridor with my back to the sun
and read the sports pages
i like self-portraits almost as much as john terry loves...
( oh you can do the punchline yourself )

after toast and coffee ( not pictured ) i headed
to the west end taking the piccadilly line from
holloway road tube... i told you i like self portraits.

i bought jackie a really nice tweed porter wallet from hideout

then headed straight for my second home...

i had a very decent strong latte
and a blueberry pie
it was pure nordic genius !

then i walked it all the way from W1 to N7
and home to whitfield towers

oh, i just checked, and the shoot i did at circus a couple of weeks
ago has been published a few more times...
it's getting some good reviews
and quite a few of my pics are being used
and finally...
no doubt !

Friday, 29 January 2010

friday with jess

today's kicks...
nike air force 1 bobbito's
love the details

i had to take the car in for a service at 8.30am.
opposite the garage was a cracking little cafe.

first up, a double espresso
that woke me up. 
now for some breakfast...

two poached eggs, sausages, bacon and beans
( i told them what to do with the mushrooms )

hello boys !

after breakfast we headed into the west end.

after a bit of shopping we stopped off at fernandez and wells
for a nata and a freshly squeezed orange juice.

later we walked home through regents park.
it was pouring down but that didn't stop the joggers.

it doesn't look it, but honestly it was raining heavily

we took shelter for a while then jess went off to get some hot

oh yes...
that's what i'm talking about
textbook strong latte.

full marks to the honest sausage for decent hot drinks
on a cold and rainy day.

then we walked on through the park, through camden, 
and back to tufnell park to collect our car
grazie mille !

Thursday, 28 January 2010

haircut sir !

this morning i decided to walk down to essex road and get a haircut.
so on with the trusty...
... crocodile skin adidas superstars. perfect.

on the walk there i took a photo of my favourite building
on the holloway road
the london metropolitan university graduate centre
i was just reading up about it and there's a story that
someone phoned the fire brigade during it's construction
 to say that there'd been a terrible disaster on holloway
road, and that a building had collapsed !

i've been trying my best to avoid starbucks this year
but by the time i'd walked to highbury corner i was
craving porridge and coffee.
grrr !

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

3 stripes, 2 photos and 1 pastry

today i decided to go with the three stripes.
adidas adicolor low bk1's designed by claude closky
for colette


the magazine 'stylist' used two of my photo's from my shoot
at circus last week.

i stopped off at euphorium in islington for a coffee
and a pain aux raisins...
it was not nice at all.
maybe gemma is right ?
maybe it is all about the almond croissants ?

pub quiz

tuesday night is pub quiz night at the dartmouth arms...
i arrived unfashionably early. the back room was empty.

i plumped for the corner table and sat in the gangster seat.
it was also next to a radiator so jackie could keep warm.
it was too dark to photograph by meal
( beef and horseradish sausages, mustard mash and gravy )
but trust me, it was spot-on.

although our team was just the two of us and other teams
had 4, 6 and even 8 members
we came 2nd and took home this genius prize !
a catering pack of after eight mints.
it felt heavier than a brick... fantastic !

( thanks to nick for another corking quiz )

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


hmmm... spending most of the day editing
an interiors shoot which i did yesterday afternoon.