snapshots and observations

Sunday, 30 June 2013

iphone sunday

as you can tell from yesterday's cheap post, i'm writing this on thursday
just trying to get together a few pics to post while i'm away in somerset this weekend.

the easiest way to do this is to continue with some iphone pics, so here goes...

the converse pro leathers for the ace hotel.
the quality on these is off the hook.
top notch.

soft, soft buttery leather. almost suede-ey.
the black bits are 'a' shaped perforations by the way.

my father's day present.
genius !
absolute genius !

another day another home-made flat white.

these are amazing.
a pair of af-1's customised especially for me.
you need to see these in real life, they are incredible.

they've even got my name on them.

another home made flat white effort.

details from a new pair of nigel cabourn x converse.

oh dear.
my local chinese restaurant obviously ordered their new menus over the phone.

but how the hell can the printers hear them say "empire" and write it down as "empier" ?

i'm baffled.

a new addition to my collection.
my second pair of air max 1's.
these are a liberty x nike effort.
great orange touches and also a gum outsole.

my summer drink.
lager and lime in a supreme pint glass.

great spoon in use at no.26
have you ever been to gretna green ?

i always take a photo of myself when i get a haircut.
i love the first few hours after a trim.
that's when i wish my hair would never change and it would be like that forever.

what ?

on the top deck of a c2 wearing my favourite releases of 2013 so far.

part time at whitfield towers.
empaƱadas and tortilla.

oh, that's enough right ?

plus i coud save a few pics over for iphone monday at this rate.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

black and white saturday

so you know my theme tune is "the greatest love of all"
by kevin rowland

right ?

well i know this video, or rather the song will make people think
"what the what ?!"

but i like it.

i think it's just those two repeated lines that do it for me.

1. i'm mad about you
2. can't live without you

give it a try, who knows ? some of you might like it.

normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

Friday, 28 June 2013

iphone friday

iphone friday.

i'll just number these bad boys and then maybe write a few words.
there's no real theme to them. they're just a few things i spotted
when i didn't have a decent camera with me.

hmmm... i've no idea where this was but i think it was on a saturday.
rocking the london edition lunar forces and carrying a heap of bape camo.

these lads were in a shop window. maybe in the burlington arcade, w1.
i reckon they were about an inch high.

me and mrs w.
this was at the bull and last on our way to a cheese party.
it's all about the cave aged gruyere by the way.

sitting in the bull and last.
i don't think i'll ever tire of this logo.
it's a great design and what an idea putting that tag on a sleeve...
simple but genius.

this was outside a house in n7.
what do you think ?

personally i'm irked by the different kinds of 'e' written on the thing.
there are at least three different examples.

plus one 'i' is dotted, one isn't.

there's a full stop at the end, but no comma after 'patience'


mmmm... a package arrived at whitfield towers a couple of weeks ago.
and it wasn't even my birthday
( which i don't know if i mentioned, but it's in january )

a detail of one of the pairs of shoes in the above pic.
those leather laces though.

another pair, with a matching backpack.
excellent !

another home made flat white attempt.
not a bad leaf i suppose.

some little empaƱadas i bunged in the microwave one day.

my bathroom cabinet.
ocd or am i just organised ?
obviously this is just part of my armoury of hair product.
others are in another larger cabinet and the rest stored in a lock-up
garage in north london.

what ?

tell you what, i have more iphone pics left and i'm away for the weekend
so i think i'll time some more to post on sunday.

please feel free to comment on any of the above pics, i do like to
receive the odd comment. it's good to know that somebody is out there
looking at all my nonsense.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

a rushed post for thursday

grrr !

this is a quick post as i have to shoot out to south london

grrr !

what can i show you quickly ?

these are pretty sweet.
converse pro leathers for the ace hotel.

i don't want to name drop but there was a time when only jay-z
and me had these and i wasn't allowed to show them to you until
they were available for sale.

oh... did i just name drop ?

i'd still die a miserable man.

ok. that's your lot for today.
iphone friday tomorrow ( hopefully )

then i'll time some nonsense to post while i'm living large in somerset
over the weekend.

south london here i come...

grrr !

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

wednesday with g-fog

last week i did a couple of shoots with g-fog.

here's one of her looking perhaps a little bit like joss stone ?
as the client and the p.r. crack on with some important tweeting.

at the same place during a break in the shoot i was up to my usual tricks
standard procedure to be honest.

as mentioned in yesterday's post though, i'm now in a bit of a sharing mood.
and invited g-fog to join me to pose up in a bad cop / bad cop style.

too many self-portraits and not enough coffee ?
no problem.
another day, another flat white.
you know my style.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

tuesday stuff

here's a pair of nike i.d's i did a few months ago
based on the famous af-1 linens.
like a lot of my trainers, they are perfect for summer.
etc, etc...

this was a few weeks ago now.
i had a shoot in manchester
so i debuted my camo pocket tee by a bathing ape
and teamed it with a pair of hiut skinny selvedge jeans
and missoni converse.

i was on fire that day to be honest.
a few hours later i had another shoot.
by rights i should have brought a spare t-shirt with me.

maybe spare trainers too.
i liked this shot so much that i decided to ask one of the kitchen staff
to join me.

boom !
maybe this will be my new thing.
roping in a nearby person to come and join me.

getting back to the af-1 game, here's a detail shot of my 
favourite pair from 2013 so far.
the london edition lunarforce 1's.
laced to n7 specifications.

more nonsense tomorrow.

Monday, 24 June 2013

monday stuff

i got a cracking pair of converse all stars last week.
with a hawaiian shirt upper.
these are an asia quickstrike edition and i'm not sure if they are going to
be available in the uk.
if we ever get a summer, these could be the boys.

talking of summer. one of the essentials for the mythical season 
has to be a plain white t-shirt.
my current favourites are these...
hanes x supreme lightweight pre-shrunk and they come in a packet of three
for £23 or so. what's not to like ?
they are perfect for spilling beer or coffee onto.
also with the forthcoming barbecue season, i must admit they do look
great with some meaty stains down the front.

oh... they have no tags inside but on the waist...
there's a small supreme box logo.

moving on, guess who's back ?
that's right.

the team are back together
representing n7

what the what  ?!
don't ask.

Sunday, 23 June 2013


a couple of weeks ago i had a shoot at my favourite shop in n1


naturally enough, after a few minutes my thoughts turned to self-portraits.
so i asked one of the shop girls to stand in for me while i lined up the shot.
oh my word.
that won't do.
look how happy she is.

i jumped into frame to show her how it should be done
but still she seemed a little too happy for my liking.

so we did another take
oh yes !

later i spotted a place downstairs for another self-portrait

the shoot was going really well by this stage so i asked my temporary
assistant to come and join me again.

it wasn't quite working.
though she'd taken on board my requirements for misery, there was still 
the need to work on basic posing skills. posture and all that.
the n7 pose is all about attitude and i don't think she was really getting into 
the n7 frame of mind in this shot.

so after getting a bit of work out of the way, i lined up one final shot.
i explained the scenario. this was to be like an ok magazine 'at home with' 
photo-shoot with a moody n7 couple
perfect !

many thanks to 2021a for assisting and humouring me with the self-portraits.

if you're ever in n1 you should definitely call in at twentytwentyone.
though they don't sell coffee it is a really great shop.

and if you see 2021a be sure to ask her to pose for a photo with you.

what ?