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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

some more pics from beijing

do you want to see some more pics from beijing ?

some of these might be very similar to what i've shown already
on account of me basically doing the same things on two different days...
you know, going to the same place for coffee, the same place for a snack
and a beer, the same shops to look around in the evening.

ocd ?

anyway, here are a few pics.

the view from the bathroom area of room 605 at the opposite house.

this was taken from pretty much the same spot but with a fisheye lens

i couldn't resist.

that oak bath though...

plenty of towels and that's a glass wall divider with a net curtain thing.

some big bed, desk, telly lamp and other nonsense.
it was all good at the opposite house.

bape beijing.
a good place to buy a t-shirt for twice the price you can get it in japan.

the amazing apehead camo mosaic floor in the lobby of the bapestore.

the view as you come down the stairs from the dover street market type shop
above. i think it's called i.t. beijing market, but basically it's dsm.

oh i get it... these were the first pics i took when i first got to beijing.
day 1 was a long trouser day.
day 2 was a shorts day.
anyway, what a blinding floor.

love that bape logo too. i've only ever seen it once before and that's at bape harajuku.

this is where i stayed in beijing.
the opposite house.
seriously, the best city hotel i've ever stayed at.
even better than the premier inn, cardiff.

wallace and gromit coining it in with a sweet advertising deal at chocoolate.
making some serious cheese money.

and finally for today, the biggest uniqlo i've ever seen.
i can't believe i didn't go in to check out the sock department.
grrr !

more beijing pics later in the week.

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