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Thursday, 13 June 2013

thursday work

did i ever show you these ?
stash air force 1's from back in the day.
i'm not that keen on blue trainers in general but the materials on these
are magic. that's a leather mid and an ice out by the way.
oh and i should say thanks to k-storm for sorting me out with these.
nice one.

did i ever show you this ?
it's me... by la niña
no stubble but my hair is on point and i look fairly miserable.

a pastry at vagabond ( n7's finest )
it's a long story but this is my pastry of choice at vagabond
and i think it's beginning to irk them that i always go for one of these
rather than the home-made items.
( i'll expand on this story at a later date )

a flat white at vagabond
with what looks like a swan with a heart for a head.

not bad !

and finally...

sorry about this but my self-portraiting is escalating out of hand.
i have so many to show you that i'm afraid i'll have to leave each blog 
post with one or two from now on just to catch up.

so here goes.
this was the same day that i had the flat white with the pac-man design on it.

here's another from the same joint
the t-shirt is one of those bape three pack things.
those are hiut denim skinny selvedge jeans
and 1970's converse chucks in a colour described on the box as 'sunflower'

the other details are a rolex daytona, stüssy spectacles, a miserable
facial expression, n7 pose and an annoying person walking across the background.

iphone friday tomorrow.

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