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Sunday, 30 June 2013

iphone sunday

as you can tell from yesterday's cheap post, i'm writing this on thursday
just trying to get together a few pics to post while i'm away in somerset this weekend.

the easiest way to do this is to continue with some iphone pics, so here goes...

the converse pro leathers for the ace hotel.
the quality on these is off the hook.
top notch.

soft, soft buttery leather. almost suede-ey.
the black bits are 'a' shaped perforations by the way.

my father's day present.
genius !
absolute genius !

another day another home-made flat white.

these are amazing.
a pair of af-1's customised especially for me.
you need to see these in real life, they are incredible.

they've even got my name on them.

another home made flat white effort.

details from a new pair of nigel cabourn x converse.

oh dear.
my local chinese restaurant obviously ordered their new menus over the phone.

but how the hell can the printers hear them say "empire" and write it down as "empier" ?

i'm baffled.

a new addition to my collection.
my second pair of air max 1's.
these are a liberty x nike effort.
great orange touches and also a gum outsole.

my summer drink.
lager and lime in a supreme pint glass.

great spoon in use at no.26
have you ever been to gretna green ?

i always take a photo of myself when i get a haircut.
i love the first few hours after a trim.
that's when i wish my hair would never change and it would be like that forever.

what ?

on the top deck of a c2 wearing my favourite releases of 2013 so far.

part time at whitfield towers.
empaƱadas and tortilla.

oh, that's enough right ?

plus i coud save a few pics over for iphone monday at this rate.

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