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Friday, 28 June 2013

iphone friday

iphone friday.

i'll just number these bad boys and then maybe write a few words.
there's no real theme to them. they're just a few things i spotted
when i didn't have a decent camera with me.

hmmm... i've no idea where this was but i think it was on a saturday.
rocking the london edition lunar forces and carrying a heap of bape camo.

these lads were in a shop window. maybe in the burlington arcade, w1.
i reckon they were about an inch high.

me and mrs w.
this was at the bull and last on our way to a cheese party.
it's all about the cave aged gruyere by the way.

sitting in the bull and last.
i don't think i'll ever tire of this logo.
it's a great design and what an idea putting that tag on a sleeve...
simple but genius.

this was outside a house in n7.
what do you think ?

personally i'm irked by the different kinds of 'e' written on the thing.
there are at least three different examples.

plus one 'i' is dotted, one isn't.

there's a full stop at the end, but no comma after 'patience'


mmmm... a package arrived at whitfield towers a couple of weeks ago.
and it wasn't even my birthday
( which i don't know if i mentioned, but it's in january )

a detail of one of the pairs of shoes in the above pic.
those leather laces though.

another pair, with a matching backpack.
excellent !

another home made flat white attempt.
not a bad leaf i suppose.

some little empaƱadas i bunged in the microwave one day.

my bathroom cabinet.
ocd or am i just organised ?
obviously this is just part of my armoury of hair product.
others are in another larger cabinet and the rest stored in a lock-up
garage in north london.

what ?

tell you what, i have more iphone pics left and i'm away for the weekend
so i think i'll time some more to post on sunday.

please feel free to comment on any of the above pics, i do like to
receive the odd comment. it's good to know that somebody is out there
looking at all my nonsense.

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