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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

tuesday stuff

here's a pair of nike i.d's i did a few months ago
based on the famous af-1 linens.
like a lot of my trainers, they are perfect for summer.
etc, etc...

this was a few weeks ago now.
i had a shoot in manchester
so i debuted my camo pocket tee by a bathing ape
and teamed it with a pair of hiut skinny selvedge jeans
and missoni converse.

i was on fire that day to be honest.
a few hours later i had another shoot.
by rights i should have brought a spare t-shirt with me.

maybe spare trainers too.
i liked this shot so much that i decided to ask one of the kitchen staff
to join me.

boom !
maybe this will be my new thing.
roping in a nearby person to come and join me.

getting back to the af-1 game, here's a detail shot of my 
favourite pair from 2013 so far.
the london edition lunarforce 1's.
laced to n7 specifications.

more nonsense tomorrow.

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