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Thursday, 6 June 2013

a few pics for thursday

no real theme today. just a few pics that didn't make it into previous
posts but i think they are still good enough or interesting enough to
show to you.

i have quite a few to share, probably too many for one day so i'll just
bung a few up now and crack on until i feel the need for a coffee break.

miu miu in beijing.
this was the building next to my hotel.

if you've seen the miu miu in london, just imagine it say 20 times as big
in a standalone building and you'll get the idea.

that oak bath in my room at the opposite house in beijing.

24 hours after i was soaking in the bath in the previous photo i was here
in wiltshire photographing a restaurant interior for a magazine.
you know that dreamy feeling you get after a long flight ?
it felt strange.

this is angel "a"
she's italian.
i never know if she's laughing with me or at me.

lemon drizzle cake at 7am.
what's not to like ?

an australian girl made me this flat white one morning at a shoot in e2
she was a tasmanian genius, as i will prove to you in three photos time.

a bloke came into the coffee shop behind me with two little dogs in his bag.
he said he made them.
i had no reason to doubt him.

i think this was when i was testing the light to photograph another flat white
that the australian girl was making for me.

and there it is.
like a diamond bullet through the temple.
pure genius !

oh and it tasted great too.

a pic similar to one i showed you a couple of bank holidays ago.
i love union jacks.

new levels of misery in wc1

a pregnant lady in a pub.

a print in a shop near the london coffee festival.

a bloke who reminded me of gary barlow.

my friend kk is always texting, tweeting or emailing.
she's a great girl.

stash af-1's which i debuted a few weeks ago in exeter.
very nice indeed.

and finally...

dude where's my chair ?

shooting furniture a few weeks ago with a somebody i always think of as the
bloke in dude where's my car... not ashton kutcher... the other one.

ok, time for coffee.

more nonsense tomorrow.

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