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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

my friend chris

do you remember when i posted this pic of me and my friend chris
( and the cheeky girl in the background )  a while ago ?
he lives in canada now. in toronto... or "toronno" as i believe it's pronounced.

me and chris go way back and he's top man.

he's the bloke who sent me these albums a little while back
as i said... top man.

but do you know, apart from having what has been described as a "grizzled" look
and an appreciation for fine album covers, chris is also a well respected photographer.

if i remember ( and you know what my memory is like ) i'll put a link to his website
at the end of this post.

but before that, let me re-direct you to a short feature about chris which just
published in canada ( wherever that is ) that shows 8 of his genius photos

also below the photos be sure to check out the video of
the man himself being interviewed unaware that he's being called a canadian
photographer and listen how to pronounce "toronto"

and finally, on top of everything else, look what good taste chris has.
i think he follows some sort of stupid blog somewhere and he spotted some trainers
that took his fancy... london edition lunar forces.
unavailable in canada but chris had a pair smuggled over from the usa.

he sent me a photo yesterday.
you can take the boy out of london....

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