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Friday, 31 August 2012

iphone photo of the day

trotter wontons at the bull and last
like a diamond bullet through the temple.

iphone photo of the day

sitting around a fire sheltering from the pouring rain when i was camping
in the lake district the other week, we decided it was time to toast some 
what an outstanding marshmallow-toasting fork right ?
i wish i'd kept it, brought it home and told people that i'd made it.

but unfortunately it was thrown onto the fire when the marshmallows
were all gone.

grrr !

the model and the boss

i had a shoot for the boss a couple of weeks ago.
the subject was uniforms.

here's an out-take

and here's another
it's always nice working with the boss.
as you can see here, she's very hands on.
not only did she style the shoot, but she actually did a bit of assisting too.

good times in w1

life is beautiful ( part five )

and there's more...

another cracking photoshop-style effort.
this is worth double clicking on and enlarging.
how many people can you name in this big group shot ?

and another photoshop-style effort.
by the way, did you know i've never seen star wars ?

another view of my favourite installation 
the union jack of spray cans.
genius !

a detail of a giant mickey mouse made from old oil cans and comics.

this is about 10 feet high

there's a massive wall full of variations on a theme.
i guess they are warhol type things. lots of spay cans of campbell's soup
paint drips and americana.

nearly done now. just one more post

new shoes

new shoes

Thursday, 30 August 2012

blair witch ?

i was camping in the lake district a couple of weeks ago.
it was a great little trip with a few friends and at night we hoiked up
on a little island to set up camp.
it poured down the whole time and we sheltered around a campfire
eating, drinking and wondering what some of the spooky noises
were that we could hear in the distance.

when i returned to my tent to get something, this is what i saw...
what the what ?!

here's a closer look
... josh !

and finally...

the last few pics from my time in the lake district in the rain.

sheltering from the rain in the communal vip lounge

i think this was the scene after m1 had made a spoon out of a branch.
it was very impressive but sadly i don't have a photo of it.

it was better than this one though.

ok, this was first thing next morning and m1 is successfully starting the fire.
actually m1 played a blinder by bringing along some proper coffee
which was just the ticket after a night kipping in a tent in  a rainstorm.

skill !
coffee-time at camp. 

i think m1 had seen the film 'lake placid'
here he keeps a sensible distance away as one of the ladies tosses porridge into the lake.

team twentytwentyone do the dishes.
m1 supervises, while i take photos... perfect !

yes, the orange bowl was mine. so was the orange mug and spork.

ok this was taken with a fisheye lens but the slope on the left was not far from 
the truth. one member of team twentytwentyone really did pitch his tent on
a bit of an incline.

in an emotional ceremony and after a moving speech, it was time for
me to say goodbye to my bobbito garcia air force 1's.
i saluted as i dropped them into the rubbish bin.

farewell my friends. you served me well.

soon it was time to canoe again. in this shot you can see m1 trying to find wi-fi.

team twentytwentyone had no time for wi-fi.
today they were paddling like champions

i think this was when i mentioned i'd just heard that aria were expanding.

it was a great little trip. the canoeing was fantastic.
to be honest i even liked the rain.
the food and drink was good.

but the company was fantastic.

thanks for inviting me... see you next time perhaps ?

life is beautiful ( part four )

more from the 'life is beautiful' exhibition

groovy seats to sit in and check out the campbells soup spray cans

outstanding oil painting.
i like the bloke's sb dunks.
he's skateboarding like a gentleman isn't he ?

banksy in van gogh's bedroom ?
this is a massive painting by the way.

ok. not a piece of art, but on this day i spotted mr brainwash walking
around the show. he seemed to be a very pleasant chap and spent a long
time chatting to people and signing things.

including a very special union jack spray can

oh this is genius.
it reminds me of the work of one of my favourite artists
( bengreensonofhilarygreen )
an old school star trek group portrait.
what a beauty !

new shoes

new shoes
great story to tell about these

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

iphone pic of the day

i took this with my phone as i was sitting on a train
pegging it up to the lake district a little while ago.
the weather was glorious for the whole train journey.
then i got off at penrith...

... well, you know the punch-line don't you ?

carry on camping x deliverance ( part three )

more from the lake district ( in the rain )

when we packed in canoeing for the day, we sneaked onto a little island 
to make our camp for the night and this is where i chose to pitch my tent.
( that's it in the little blue thing on the right )

5 minutes later after a bit of a struggle and a smattering of industrial language,
my tent was up and ready for a night of rain.

er, i've no idea why i took this photo.
i was probably just messing about with the depth of field on my camera
while everybody else did things like collect firewood and get their hands dirty.

i took along a little camping stool but twentytentyone took along something
even better... chairless by vitra.
( by the way... never trust a man with nail varnish on one hand )

chairless by vitra is a great idea. well you certainly can't get a smaller chair can you ?
you just sit inside it and your back and legs support each other i guess.
it was a lot more comfortable than i'd imagined but i'd have preferred it in an orange colour.

we all had a try with it and i think we agreed it was a good effort.
by the way... can you see an amateur photographer in this photo ?

controversial cross legged approach to chairless by twentytwentyone

oh... nice shoes by the way
salute !

so there you have it. chairless by vitra. 
a length of material with a leather tab and two bits of elastic.

life is beautiful ( part three )

more from mr brainwash

maybe you have to see this in real life
( salute )

it's like a toy taxi souvenir in a box

but it's a real life full size one
outstanding work.

lots of nice furniture to sit on at the show.
all of it ruined by mr brainwash and paint.
this is a swan chair by arne jacobsen isn't it ?

but is it art ?
is it now worth more or less than if it was brand new ?


nice titfer and aviators on this oil painting bloke

i think that after the louis armstrong print, the one of elvis with an ak47
is my second favourite piece.

i like this very much too.
a love heart made out of tins of paint.

more to follow tomorrow...