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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

carry on camping x deliverance ( part two )

more from my adventure in the lake district in the rain

brew kit ?
surely the team leader hadn't brought along a nespresso machine ?

all our kit was secured with proper knots... no bows

this was some sinister design on my canoe... and the rain was getting heavier.

this was a bad time for me. we had to gather sticks for some reason.
it meant getting my hands dirty plus all the sticks were different lengths
and a bit annoying... hmmm... perhaps you had to be there ?

this was when we stopped off on some riverbank for a coffee.
i stayed out of the way when there was any chance of getting my hands dirty
and just took photos instead. i think these little bits of wood were used to start a fire.

er... this was the thing used to boil the water.
it was around this point that i noticed we didn't have any electricity
and there was no sign of a decent coffee machine.

my requests for a flat white were met with puzzled looks.
 i also responded with a puzzled expression when offered this hot beverage.

in the end i opted not to have a drink.

instead, i pulled this bad boy out of my sky rocket.
a pork pie from keswick's finest deli.
( a deli i am now banned from )

did i mention it rained a lot ?

did i ?

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