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Monday, 27 August 2012

carry on camping x deliverance

i might split this documentary up into a few parts but the story is...

i was invited along to a canoeing and camping thing in the lake district
a couple of weeks ago.

the first thing we did when we arrived in keswick was to head to a shop
and buy all the stuff we'd forgotten to bring along with us.
obviously i was very interested in the sock department but...
what the what ?!
socks for sheep ?

the boys from twentytwentyone were looking to buy team chaps
but in the end they settled on buying matching waterproof trousers ( in pink )

personally, i only had eyes for this harris tweed matching hat and waistcoat

mmmm... the smell of fish and chips

we took a stroll down to the spot where we would be setting of from the next morning.
it looked really beautiful in the early evening light.
little kiddies were fishing with nets and it was all good.
until a few hours later when it started to rain... and rain... and rain

this sign was outside a pub in keswick.
good idea i suppose, though personally i don't care for peas or cucumbers.

and these beers were in the local offy.
cheap-ass labels eh ? it's like one of the cartoonists from the beano or the dandy
has been picking up a bit of freelance work.

fast forward to the next morning and we are packing the canoes.
hold tight ladies, that's no way to throw stuff around.
you'll have somebody's eye out like that.

ominous signs... drops of rain appearing on the bags

more ominous signs.
two blokes bending over while two blokes stare at their backsides !

more to come from carry on camping x deliverance
( but hopefully not brokeback mountain )

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