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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

carry on camping x deliverance ( part three )

more from the lake district ( in the rain )

when we packed in canoeing for the day, we sneaked onto a little island 
to make our camp for the night and this is where i chose to pitch my tent.
( that's it in the little blue thing on the right )

5 minutes later after a bit of a struggle and a smattering of industrial language,
my tent was up and ready for a night of rain.

er, i've no idea why i took this photo.
i was probably just messing about with the depth of field on my camera
while everybody else did things like collect firewood and get their hands dirty.

i took along a little camping stool but twentytentyone took along something
even better... chairless by vitra.
( by the way... never trust a man with nail varnish on one hand )

chairless by vitra is a great idea. well you certainly can't get a smaller chair can you ?
you just sit inside it and your back and legs support each other i guess.
it was a lot more comfortable than i'd imagined but i'd have preferred it in an orange colour.

we all had a try with it and i think we agreed it was a good effort.
by the way... can you see an amateur photographer in this photo ?

controversial cross legged approach to chairless by twentytwentyone

oh... nice shoes by the way
salute !

so there you have it. chairless by vitra. 
a length of material with a leather tab and two bits of elastic.


  1. Surely that's not a chair but another way for a fashionable company to rip one off? We have a cheaper option in China - it's called squatting and it builds superior muscle tone.

  2. why do the chinese squat like that all the time ? it seems quite difficult to me.

  3. Think it's to stop their trousers from getting dirty. Strengthens your calves and sitting on a chair seems to give back ache. Or maybe simply because there's no chairs, or the chair seat is dirty.