snapshots and observations

Friday, 3 August 2012

call the cops

richard hawley has been robbed !

no, not really... although i do love that phrase.

the other day while i was out and about getting into the olympic spirit 
i saw three police officers on their lunch-break
three 99's ?

( er... 297 )

i wasn't sure about the rules regarding photographing the police so
i broke the ice by saying "i hope you paid for those" and took another frame
what do you think ?
they look a bit guilty don't they ?
like i caught them stealing or something.



  1. gary 'anonymous until i've watched napoleon dynamite' r3 August 2012 at 11:54

    i love the way the first one is using his helmet to catch any drips of ice cream. she looks guilty of something.

  2. She defo looks a 'naughty' copper

  3. stoo... she looks like she's ready to take down your particulars ! ( what the heck is this ? "carry on blogging ? - ed )

    i can't reply to the other bloke's comment until he's watched 'napoleon dynamite'... twice !