snapshots and observations

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

self-portrait in w1, new shoes and the cheesecake of dreams

self-portrait in w1
this was the day of mrs thatcher's funeral.
i wasn't in black as a mark of respect.
it was just the way it happened.

top my marc jacobs.
trousers by paul smith.
htm flyknits by nike

new shoes
stüssy x converse
only available in japan

the cheesecake of dreams
i know... it doesn't look special but you have to trust me with this one.
this cheesecake was on point.

i've studied cheesecake pretty intensely over the years and i can honestly
say this one is the best i've ever tasted.

where did i get it from ?

it's a secret.

or maybe it should be a standalone blog post ?

yes... i'll do a special blog post about the place that sells this gem.

give me a few days...

Monday, 29 April 2013

the view from my seat

the view from my seat at the emirates as van persie
took a penalty yesterday against his old cub.

i'm pretty sure the arsenal fans are shouting "wenger, wenger"
in appreciation for the fantastic job their manager arsene wenger
has done this season.

or maybe not.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

summer wine

summer wine.

which do you prefer ?

the original

or lana del rey's version
i guess it's tricky when you have the videos to look at, but listening to them 
without seeing the visuals i would have to say that i much prefer the nancy sinatra version.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

black and white saturday

hastily knocked into black and white...
me on a shoot last friday.
shaken and stirred after one of the scariest drives since the hitcher.

one half of my favourite north london double act.
he cycled from n1 to w1 to meet me and m1 for a coffee.

we coffeed here
at the monocle cafe.

this was in exeter last weekend
one of those chiselled out of a plaster wall pieces of art.
it was massive, and from a distance it looked perfect.
then again, so did exeter.

and this was yesterday
that's right.
it's london coffee festival time.

and finally...
a black and white flat white.

until tomorrow and the return of colour, have a great saturday.

Friday, 26 April 2013

iphone friday and a couple of trailers

iphone friday ?

i guess the good news is, i don't seem to have taken many iphone pics recently.

i did this with my phone last weekend
some new af-1's. deadstock from 2008 which i bought from a lad in barcelona.
that orange sole though...

and i copied this piece of art with my iphone
it's by my favourite artist... la niña
if anybody wants to know the story, just let me know.

also today, two bonus trailers

films i'm looking forward to seeing.

mood indigo
i reckon.

bling ring

Thursday, 25 April 2013

stonehenge and stuff

you know what my favourite road is don't you ?

well shame on you if you don't... it's the a303.

it passes pretty close to stonehenge.

you could just drive past stonehenge on the a303 and get a pretty decent view.

or you could cough up £8 and get a closer look
shame you can't get up close with the ( welsh ) stones though.

after a while i got fed up photographing the stones
and noted what good camo the sheep in the field next door have.

i also thought i'd see how close this bird would let me get before flying off
he looked like he owned the place

so i told him it actually belongs to the english heritage people
and then he flew off.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

salisbury cathedral

i went to salisbury cathedral a couple of weeks ago.

have you ever visited it ?

top cathedral.

maybe i see things a little differently but i only took 4 photos.

did i take one of the spire ?
salisbury cathedral has the tallest spire in the country.

did i take a photo of the clock ?
salisbury cathedral has the oldest mechanical clock in the world.

did i take a photo of the magna carta ?
salisbury cathedral has the best condition copy of the magna carta in existence.

what do you think ?

i took a photo of this dial which measures the wind speed at the top of the spire

i took this because i was told that the little chap on the right looks like me.

i took this photo of some stacked up chairs because it reminded me of a blog.

and this reminded me of my friends credit and sam who have similar 
cupboards in their houses.
i guess it's the bishops wi-fi and the controls for his surround sound system
and underfloor heating and what not.

anyway... salisbury cathedral.

i recommend it.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

some barcelona iphone pics

it's time to start blogging properly again.

probably the only way to do it is to get rid of all the junk pics i've got
and to start taking proper photos that i think will make a good blog post.

so, let's get rid of a few spare iphone snaps from barcelona.

some genius beef thing i had at a tapas bar called txakolin

this was a big meat-fest thing too. with some sort of cheesy sauce on top.

a big chicken croquetta.

some morcilla with a bonus bit of pepper


time to get the jack and jill

insert lazy spanish builders gag here...

some stickers on the side of a tourist bus

right. proper blogging returns tomorrow.

Monday, 22 April 2013

n7 life


and trainers

with thanks to vagabond and jd sports.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

some cobbled together stuff for sunday

this was a snack i had in barca.
the english translation was 
"fried egg on potato with tears of ham"
it was tears as in crying tears by the way.

it was magic darts

a big converse advert i spotted near the cathedral.
i kind of like converse.

an out-take from my shoot with beyonce.

what ?

tapas in barcelona.

what ?

a self-portrait in sw1
i've taken to wearing my specs on some shoots.
it's kind of easier but kind of harder.

i told you i like converse.
these are genius. standard issue chucks but with lunarlon insoles.
so they are like converse chucks... but comfortable.

i might need to sort those laces out though.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

black and white saturday

i'm doing this on thursday morning before heading to devon so please
excuse the lack of effort involved.

three efforts from the mirror hotel knocked cheaply into black and white.

i could have spent hours by the lifts just photographing myself in the mirrors

in fact, i did.

but you know my theme tune, right ?

Friday, 19 April 2013

iphone friday

these may be a bit out of order but i'm putting this together in 
my traditional friday rush style as i'm off to devon for a shoot in 
a few minutes.

some food in barcelona.
i guess it's the spanish version of sausage, egg and chips.

details on the stüssy x converse chucks i bought in tokyo last month.
i love that stüssy has kind of taken the purple dot as a trademark.

new goal celebration by lionel messi

barcelona market.
i was thinking i should have told vegetarians to look away 
but then i remembered that i didn't particularly care about vegetarians
and i've seen some shocking vegetable / salad photos on blogs and i don't complain...

( much )

this one's for all the vegans out there.

maybe it should be bad taste iphone friday ?
i think that's iniesta... or is it xavi ? or fibreglass ?
also taking a no.2 you can see ernie from sesame street, the pink panther,
homer simpson, a builder and a few others.
good old barcelona.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

fifty shades of orange ( parts one and two )

you know i like orange right ?

if you type in 'orange' in the search bar at the bottom of the page i'm 
sure you'll find some gems.

obviously you can't have too much orange, but just a little bit now and then is ok

take a look at these bad boys
just the right amount

and i saw this picnic set in a w1 shop window the other day
just right.

more from this exciting series to come.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

self-portraits at the mirror hotel barcelona

mirrored iphone self-portraits at that.

a rare seated self-portrait.
what details are on show here ?
orange leather bape wallet, margaret howell x porter bag, bape pouch.,
bape t-shirt, hiut jeans, missoni x converse chucks and stüssy spectacles.

fair play to the mirror hotel. it's everything you'd expect from a hotel with 
the word 'mirror' in it's name.

an out of focus me with beyonce

some single ladies trying to get my attention.
they mentioned something about putting a ring on it.