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Friday, 26 April 2013

iphone friday and a couple of trailers

iphone friday ?

i guess the good news is, i don't seem to have taken many iphone pics recently.

i did this with my phone last weekend
some new af-1's. deadstock from 2008 which i bought from a lad in barcelona.
that orange sole though...

and i copied this piece of art with my iphone
it's by my favourite artist... la niƱa
if anybody wants to know the story, just let me know.

also today, two bonus trailers

films i'm looking forward to seeing.

mood indigo
i reckon.

bling ring

1 comment:

  1. those outsoles look like they are red hot - i like them.

    the drawing reminds me of a christmas roast a friend of mine did a few years ago - a quail (or something like that) inside a pigeon, inside a duck, inside a turkey! took about 24 hours to cook...