snapshots and observations

Friday, 12 April 2013

learning to love yourself...

is the greatest love of all.

i haven't managed to put together an iphone friday thing so what can i 
do to quickly conjure up a post ?

that's right.

i always have a load of self-portraits kicking around in my blog folder


a sitting version of me and finalhome at barcelona airport.
you know the story... marc jacobs, missoni x converse and all that.
finalhome is pretty naked though, apart from his collar.

on a side street in shimokitazawa.
this was on the way to bear pond coffee.
possibly the most miserable coffee shop in tokyo.
( i liked it )

in a hotel room in shinjuku.
in fairness i should have asked her to hold a cup of coffee.

as i've mentioned before, it's pretty much the law in japan that in each photo
somebody makes a 'v' sign with their fingers.
similar to when i was at school up north.


outside nigo's 'curry up' restaurant in shibuya-ku.
i think my playful smile gives away the fact that this was taken after i'd
had a curry. also my thumbs are not in my pockets...
that's a dead giveaway that i'm in a happy mood.

and at home in n7 with some shoes.
looking back on it, i should perhaps of used some brighter shoes.
most of these look pretty boring from a distance.

but those who know, know.

right ?

hopefully i'll put together an iphone friday post for tomorrow.
hopefully there will be no self-portraits involved.


  1. coco could at least have put her thumbs thru her knicker band. tsk, models..