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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

salisbury cathedral

i went to salisbury cathedral a couple of weeks ago.

have you ever visited it ?

top cathedral.

maybe i see things a little differently but i only took 4 photos.

did i take one of the spire ?
salisbury cathedral has the tallest spire in the country.

did i take a photo of the clock ?
salisbury cathedral has the oldest mechanical clock in the world.

did i take a photo of the magna carta ?
salisbury cathedral has the best condition copy of the magna carta in existence.

what do you think ?

i took a photo of this dial which measures the wind speed at the top of the spire

i took this because i was told that the little chap on the right looks like me.

i took this photo of some stacked up chairs because it reminded me of a blog.

and this reminded me of my friends credit and sam who have similar 
cupboards in their houses.
i guess it's the bishops wi-fi and the controls for his surround sound system
and underfloor heating and what not.

anyway... salisbury cathedral.

i recommend it.

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