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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

omotesando koffee

here's a video i shot in my favourite japanese coffee shop

i've no idea why my camerawork was so shaky.

it couldn't be all the coffee i'd been drinking could it ?

here's a still i took of the barista when he made me a previous flat white
perhaps i should stick to stills.

omotesando koffee is a cracking little place. it's in a cubic building in the garden
outside a house in omotesando hills.
the cube theme is carried on throughout the business.
the only snacks on offer are these little baked custard cubes.

which are served to you in a coffee filter

the coffee filter is also their business card
it's a nice touch.

but really it's all about the coffee

well, it's also about the cake

good luck finding it though.
it's a really small place tucked away down a tiny back street

if you find it, if you're lucky, maybe you'll see this man
he makes the best flat whites

if you find it, if you're unlucky, maybe you'll see this man
he drinks the best flat whites.

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