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Monday, 1 April 2013

iphone monday

more iphone nonsense from tokyo

this was in daikanyama.
the stationery behind the counter at mhl looks familiar.

when i spoke about it to the staff, they insisted on lining it up on the counter
for me to take a photo.
then i felt like i should buy two mhl mooks.
so i did.

there's this custom in tokyo that when you buy something they escort you
to the door then present you with your purchase and kind of bow and stuff.
it's very nice. i think we should start doing that in the uk.

for some reason, the girl in mhl insisted on taking a photo of me too.

then i insisted she join me for a photo or three.
she stuck to the same facial expression in each frame but i changed mine
each time.
this one is what i call my friendly "welcome to n7" look

this is my playful, cheerful, light-hearted look.

and this one's for all the ladies.

i'm going to have to pack this post in for now as i've got to pack for barca.

i'll knock up an equally cheap post for tomorrow in a minute so hold tight
for more iphone nonsense.

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