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Thursday, 4 April 2013

coco curry and coco the model ( more iphone shots from tokyo )

stick with me on this. i'm nearly done.

( then i can show you my other shots from tokyo )

opposite my hotel was a place called coco curry.
this is part of the menu.

here's some more of the menu.

so you get the idea, right ?

i chose this dish... chicken katsu

after choosing which meal you want, you have to choose the strength
of the curry sauce. i chose 8.

and waited patiently.

get in !

i won't lie. picking an '8' strength curry sauce was not one of my wiser moves.
still, i was not going to be defeated and ten minutes, 8 glasses of water and
a bout of hiccups later this was the scene.

the day after my meal at coco curry, i had a shoot with coco the model.
seriously... her name is coco.
do you like my harris tweed af-1's by the way ?

more iphone nonsense to come tomorrow.

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