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Sunday, 31 August 2014

last sunday

last sunday.

i had this for breakfast.
it made me think of my friend credit's nanny
( leave it - ed )

then myself and mrs w went to this place
that's right... downtown abbey.

i was really happy to be there.

grrr ! you're not allowed to take photos inside downtown abbey
( or whatever it's called in real life )

i took this one sneaky pic of my shoes and a rug that really tied the room together.

but mainly we had to amuse ourselves with taking photos outside
this was quite a gem because obviously the place was chocca with 
japanese tourists yet i managed to get this shot with nobody in frame making a peace sign with their fingers.

mrs w looking thoughtful
or maybe getting fed up with my impressions of carson the butler answering the

one of me and mrs w where she's wearing her coat

and one without coat
nice to see me varying my poses.

afterwards we went back to base for a snack
where i was intrigued by this ale

a decent packet of crisps too.

cheers !

some odd pics

just a few odd pics today.

this is when i was photographing my new umbrella the other week.

and again.

my new umbrella is incredible.
as you'd expect it's one of only 10 in the world.

from next thursday you'll be able to buy one of the other 8 from

my friend m1 photographing his new chinagraph pencils.

a still from a film i'm very much looking forward to seeing.

does the girl on the right remind you of anybody by the way ?

my friend blake sitting down with one of the nans at george's on essex road.

george's is where i get my hair cut. it's a proper old barber shop at the front and a 
section at the back where nans get their hair done and where they talk loudly about their husbands, children and grandchildren.

the scene in an embroidery factory in leicester last week.

don't ask.

new sneakers

i haven't done a proper in depth sneaker review for over a year .

maybe i'll bring it back... what do you think ?

a lot of my trainers have really nice details on them, so maybe i should ?

in the meantime here are a few new additions, just one shot of each.

neighborhood x converse jack purcells in buttersoft dark blue leather.
oh my !

converse weapons in the boston celtics colourway

nike x riccardo tisci af-1's
the leather on these is the best i've seen on a nike release in years.

cashmere chuck taylors
so luxurious to the touch. really soft cashmere.

neighborhood x chuck taylor lows in royal blue suede.
seventies style chucks are pretty much the norm now for all first string releases.
these are amazing.

nike af-1's from the blazer pack last year, these are in a chocolate brown suede.
gum outsole too. 

saving the best for last.
these jack purcells were made for the oscar niemeyer foundation.
they were a seriously limited edition and also only available in brasil.

how did i manage to get them ?

it's a long, long story.

but a big thank you to a certain person in washington,
who put me in touch with a very nice chap in shanghai.
he then introduced me to a person in london who in turn
kind of introduced me to a bloke in boston...

like i said, it's a long story.

the return of finalhome

finalhome posing up with a friend of mine who i don't have a nickname for

my friend came over for a coffee and to help me with a shoot a few weeks ago.

there he is look.

i really need a nickname for him.

spoongame proper

no.26 ( a coffee shop i frequent ) always has a good spoon game going on.
but what the what ?!

the king arthur detail on this bad boy is next level spoon game   

the ghost of christmas presents

back in the day, before digital photography, when people didn't have
mobile phones with cameras and they just had proper film
cameras and they would maybe use a roll of film per year.

when they'd get them processed and receive their prints back from the chemist
there would general be a surprise image or two.

especially people who had left their camera unattended and near me for a minute.

yes, a few years ago i'd love nothing more than stealing people's cameras 
for a minute and taking a photo of my bum on them.

then one christmas i received a present from one of my sisters-in-law.
one who never gives me a christmas present.

i opened it up and...
there was a maybe 10x8inch print of my bottom and also a jigsaw puzzle of the same image.

my sister in law had her roll of film processed and printed and came across
a photo of a backside, realised it was mine ( don't ask ) and decided to take it one
step further and get a jigsaw puzzle made of the frame and send it to me.

it was a very happy christmas in n7 that year.

eames leg splint


about a year ago now, i bought an eames leg splint.

i finally got around to unwrapping and hanging it last week.

last saturday

last saturday i went to a little pub in the countryside somewhere.
maybe hampshire. maybe berkshire... i'm not that great with geography.

oh, this is not the pub
but it's one myself and mrs w stayed at last year, and it's kind of on the way.
so we swerved by for lunch last saturday.

by the way, who knows the name of the king of england when this boozer was built ?

i do.

and who knows who had a cracking pint there ?
i do.

i also had a free cup of coffee there
which i probably didn't deserve.
mrs w thinks i was given it because i look angry.

at the pub we stayed at i was pleased to note that tunnocks teacakes
were left in the room with the usual tea and coffee nonsense.
i celebrated by making a face.

then myself and mrs w retired to our private lounge
to read magazines, ponce about on instagram and chat about downtown abbey.

in the evening this was the menu at the pub
i think you know full well what i had for starter.

for main course i had...
a fish balanced on a bed of chips.
with some mushy peas on the side.


dis aint over

for those of you who were wondering what happened to my blog.

dis aint over.

Friday, 22 August 2014

me on a friday

here's me taking a break from a shoot in w8 the other day
standard procedure really.
n7 pose and no smile.

here's me during my road-trip to the cold, cold north.
i wonder how many pics of me doing this pose there are on this blog ?

well, here's one more.
where i was joined by a waitress / barmaid / kind girl who made me a coffee.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

hit the north

the song 'hit the north' by the fall always reminds me of the pain i suffered getting tattooed
a few years ago.
not the pain of being tattooed but the pain of having to listen to the two tattooists playing a box set of the fall for four hours .

grrr !

moving on.
i had a shoot up north a couple of weeks ago.

i took final home with me of course, and left him in charge of supplies...
which can only be classed as a schoolboy error on my part.

in the end my evening meal was a somewhat predictable affair.
chips, fish, mushy peas and curry sauce.
perfect !

here's a totally expected photo of something in my hotel room that i liked.

and here's the wardrobe, or storage space.
i think it must have been a monday night because the next day was...

so i proudly instagrammed my camo accessories and waited
for the 'likes' to come in.

the place i had to photograph was near hexham.
it's name was kind of inlaid into the flooring.

talking of names, on the drive home ( the long drive home )
i saw a very interesting road sign
as ever, i was lost so i figured the best thing to do would be to take the left
turn and head towards...

unfortunately, whitfield was just a little village with a few ordinary people kicking about.

i really wanted it to be a bit like bronson missouri in that episode of the simpsons...

you know, with a load of whitfields walking around looking miserable and drinking coffee,
wearing af-1's and what not.

to my disgust, there wasn't a whitfield coffee shop but there was a whitfield tea room.

i went in anyway
and it redeemed itself by having one of my favourite things in the whole wide world.

no, not coffee... free wifi !

i had a pleasant stay in whitfield, drinking coffee and flogging the wifi
then i jumped in my jam jar and headed home.

7 and a bit hours later i was back in n7.