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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

more iphone nonsense from tokyo

as i struggle to catch up with my backlog of photos to show you
here are a few more iphone snaps from tokyo.

the first n7 sticker i ever used in tokyo.
this has been in place on a bridge over meiji dori now for maybe three years.
it's the bridge that is next to atmos and it's on the other side of the road from atmos.
just saying...

outside a coffee shop waiting for it to open on sunday.
on the plus side they had their wifi on so i was able to ponce about
on instagram while i was waiting for the barista to turn up.

go-go curry was my dining experience of choice.
i was told by agent "y" that 5 is a lucky number in japan
and 'go' is japanese for '5'
so go-go is 5 twice.
double lucky.

so on each 5th, 15th and 25th of the month, because the day has a '5' in it
they give away a voucher to each diner for free food or upgraded food
on the next visit.

the yellowy stuff is shredded cabbage. not cheese.

i asked for mine without cabbage but with extra cheese.
so it's chicken katsu, rice, curry sauce and cheese.

some n7 stickers near to omotesando koffee.

i thought this was a beautiful logo so i took a photo.
now a few months later i can't remember what it was the logo of.

it was soon to be father's day.
i was thinking about buying this mug for myself.

i also thought about buying a heap of socks...
but i didn't.

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