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Sunday, 31 August 2014

new sneakers

i haven't done a proper in depth sneaker review for over a year .

maybe i'll bring it back... what do you think ?

a lot of my trainers have really nice details on them, so maybe i should ?

in the meantime here are a few new additions, just one shot of each.

neighborhood x converse jack purcells in buttersoft dark blue leather.
oh my !

converse weapons in the boston celtics colourway

nike x riccardo tisci af-1's
the leather on these is the best i've seen on a nike release in years.

cashmere chuck taylors
so luxurious to the touch. really soft cashmere.

neighborhood x chuck taylor lows in royal blue suede.
seventies style chucks are pretty much the norm now for all first string releases.
these are amazing.

nike af-1's from the blazer pack last year, these are in a chocolate brown suede.
gum outsole too. 

saving the best for last.
these jack purcells were made for the oscar niemeyer foundation.
they were a seriously limited edition and also only available in brasil.

how did i manage to get them ?

it's a long, long story.

but a big thank you to a certain person in washington,
who put me in touch with a very nice chap in shanghai.
he then introduced me to a person in london who in turn
kind of introduced me to a bloke in boston...

like i said, it's a long story.

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