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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

sneakers at the abc mart in shibuya

right. there's a bit of a long story about converse in japan.
i won't bore you with it now but to get to the punchline
there are lots of strange converse available there that you can't buy anywhere 
else in the world.
simpsons chucks... not for me but kind of interesting.

i bought the top pair here.
chambray jack purcells with red, white and blue tongue and heel tabs.
great price too.

oh !

what the what ?!


is there any chance ?

not for me, but quite interesting.

some rummy old adidas on sale too.
denim with a hessian outsole.

at last... some af-1's
nothing here to tempt me though.

more af-1's but once again i was not tempted.

i thought about these.
but not for long.

i thought about the black / volt colour way of these for a little while.
i figured they'd be like slippers almost.
what's with that headphone cable thing though ?

anyway, i didn't buy them.

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