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Sunday, 31 August 2014

the ghost of christmas presents

back in the day, before digital photography, when people didn't have
mobile phones with cameras and they just had proper film
cameras and they would maybe use a roll of film per year.

when they'd get them processed and receive their prints back from the chemist
there would general be a surprise image or two.

especially people who had left their camera unattended and near me for a minute.

yes, a few years ago i'd love nothing more than stealing people's cameras 
for a minute and taking a photo of my bum on them.

then one christmas i received a present from one of my sisters-in-law.
one who never gives me a christmas present.

i opened it up and...
there was a maybe 10x8inch print of my bottom and also a jigsaw puzzle of the same image.

my sister in law had her roll of film processed and printed and came across
a photo of a backside, realised it was mine ( don't ask ) and decided to take it one
step further and get a jigsaw puzzle made of the frame and send it to me.

it was a very happy christmas in n7 that year.

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