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Thursday, 21 August 2014

hit the north

the song 'hit the north' by the fall always reminds me of the pain i suffered getting tattooed
a few years ago.
not the pain of being tattooed but the pain of having to listen to the two tattooists playing a box set of the fall for four hours .

grrr !

moving on.
i had a shoot up north a couple of weeks ago.

i took final home with me of course, and left him in charge of supplies...
which can only be classed as a schoolboy error on my part.

in the end my evening meal was a somewhat predictable affair.
chips, fish, mushy peas and curry sauce.
perfect !

here's a totally expected photo of something in my hotel room that i liked.

and here's the wardrobe, or storage space.
i think it must have been a monday night because the next day was...

so i proudly instagrammed my camo accessories and waited
for the 'likes' to come in.

the place i had to photograph was near hexham.
it's name was kind of inlaid into the flooring.

talking of names, on the drive home ( the long drive home )
i saw a very interesting road sign
as ever, i was lost so i figured the best thing to do would be to take the left
turn and head towards...

unfortunately, whitfield was just a little village with a few ordinary people kicking about.

i really wanted it to be a bit like bronson missouri in that episode of the simpsons...

you know, with a load of whitfields walking around looking miserable and drinking coffee,
wearing af-1's and what not.

to my disgust, there wasn't a whitfield coffee shop but there was a whitfield tea room.

i went in anyway
and it redeemed itself by having one of my favourite things in the whole wide world.

no, not coffee... free wifi !

i had a pleasant stay in whitfield, drinking coffee and flogging the wifi
then i jumped in my jam jar and headed home.

7 and a bit hours later i was back in n7.

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