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Thursday, 21 August 2014


for those of you who use instagram i've thrown out a little 
challenge this week.

you can do it any time i guess, but i really want you to take a photo when you see my photo.

what you have to do is just keep your phone exactly where it is.
switch on the camera and take a photo.

post it on instagram or send it to me by direct message and use the hashtag #whitfieldphotochallenge

at the end of the week i will send an n7 t-shirt to my favourite photo.

here are some that i've done this week.

this was on sunday morning and shows my phone's view from where i was sitting in bed.

on monday
i was in a coffee shop checking instagram then i switched on my camera and this is what it saw.
my empty coffee cup and some scrunched up napkins

on tuesday
see, this is a worse photo, but i like it a lot.
i was on the top deck of a bus, switched on my camera and it saw
the orange charger i was holding underneath it, sadly (or maybe not )
too close to the lens.
the blue bit is the front of the bus and the yellow thing is a handle

on wednesday
i was also on the top deck of a bus. same seat and same number bus in fact.
this time i had my phone leaning against the window.
the bus driver stopped here to get out and move the cones, so i switched on
my camera while the bus wasn't moving and this is what it saw.

anyway, you get the gist.

three days left to enter and maybe win a limited edition n7 tee.

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