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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

up to date

ok i know the previous few posts 
( or the next few if you're reading this first )
have been a bit poor. a bit rushed and
not that amusing, but now i'm up to date.

so... back to normal ( i hope )

a post i put together for #camotuesday a little while ago.
this was a special effort as it was all nonsense i'd bought in tokyo.
the camo swim shorts will have to wait until january to be debuted
and the camo football is likely to stay on a shelf here at the towers
rather than be kicked about but the rest are getting used straight away.

oh dear.

i dug these coins out to get ready for england's campaign at the world cup in brasil.
i was sure england would do well. i'm not saying i thought they'd win, but i also didn't
think they would get knocked out after two games.

breakfast at whitfield towers a few weeks ago.
as you can see, my flat white making skills have not improved that much
recently but it all tasted good.

a couple of bottles of juice i don't think i'd ever want to drink even if i was
as my nan used to say...
"as thirsty as a cat"

once again, this is a little while ago.
i went to see a mo wax exhibition at the south bank.
it was smallish but i thought it was pretty good.

i do think this was futura's finest hour.

this was a massive canvas. i still have no idea why i didn't get mrs w to take a photo of me
standing in front of it looking miserable.

these never made it past the sample stage.
shame i guess but i'm not sure dunks are for me anyway.

wow !
not bad.

some great little canvases on show.
lots of artwork from the psyence fiction album.

and look who was there chatting on stage and doing a q&a
dj shadow.

grrr !
i hate seeing people put their feet up on bus seats.
nice union jack socks. skate chucks and maybe even a nice bag,
but grrr !

i do like these dogs.
i always think they are going to speak though.

this was advertised as battenberg, which is my number one cake of all time.
( if you're interested, lemon drizzle is my second choice and victoria sponge
is my third favourite )

i think this is a bit of a maverick battenberg. for one thing the green marzipan instead of yellow. plus it's constructed in a 3x3 format instead of the tradition 2x2.

however in the interested of science i bought a slice and wolfed it down on no time.

it was pretty nice.

some glasses at the monocle cafe.
i don't like ginger beer but i like ginger hair.
i like the whistling lemon very much.
looks like he's wearing converse chuck taylor's too.

oh my word.
this was fantastic.
remember the first england game in the world cup ?
england v italy with phil neville debuting as a commentator.
the twitter backlash !
in fairness it was more entertaining watching twitter than watching the game.

me looking more uncomfortable than miserable at kkchq

breakfast in leicester

the usual suspects

a factory in leicester...
i'll say no more for now, but i'll be saying a lot about it pretty soon.

and inside the factory in leicester.

right. i'll really say no more this time.

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