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Thursday, 21 August 2014

tuesday's post ( leave it )

some bogus phone pics i have kicking around

this is where i parked my jam jar in camden a few weeks ago when i was visiting la niƱa.
i just looked up and saw the above scene.

a place i'll be working at in october
( long story )

can you guess where this is ?

a shop selling globetrotter luggage and fox umbrellas
two of england's oldest companies...

yes, it's in aoyama.

talking of fox umbrellas ( and i will be talking about them a lot in the near future )
they had this lovely display card in the store.

i do like foxes.

the painters have returned to whitfield towers.
everything has had to be taken off the walls.
still, it gave me a chance to dust off my bearbricks 
( not a euphanism )

and finally... a new n7 t-shirt.
just the one.

it was a test to see if an orange logo looks good on a grey tee.

i don't think it does.

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