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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

catching up badly. this is last saturday's post

the catchy blog title today is just to help me see where i'm up to.

perhaps i should make a new year resolution here in august to get this blog back on schedule ?

i have loads to show and share. i don't thin i even showed you pics from my trip to 
tokyo a couple of months back did i ?

but bear with me and i'll work backwards.
staring with the latest pics in my blog spillover folder ( don't ask )
let's see what i've got and what i can remember.

ok... an iphone pic of me grabbing a flat white in soho a few weeks
back. the lunar force 1 mids are very nice. they are called rio editions.
i'd be interested to know if anybody out there has them and has managed 
to do up the ankle straps.

taking delivery of a box that didn't contain trainers.
what it did contain i will show you at the end of the month.
my sneakers are oki-ni x adidas montreals by the way...
in kangaroo leather.
insert some sort of jumping gag here.

a flat white and a raspberry friend... they're not called friends are they ?
it's something like friend though.
top spoon game by the way... king arthur.

an iphone photo of an old print i found.
this was me and my friend nasher in a lava field in samoa back in 2000.
you don't need me to tell you that it's a long story do you ?

if anybody wants to hear the tale of woe behind this pic just sit me down for a coffee
somewhere and be prepared for a tale that will make you laugh, cry, change your
political point of view and shoe size.

another iphone pic of an old print.
me and la niƱa in mallorca back in the day

you know what ?
this is replacing saturday's post so i still have another four to publish today to catch up.

so let's end this one here with a pic of me wearing that silly hat...

wait a minute...

that was my hair !

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