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Thursday, 21 August 2014

cymru am byth

the other week i went to god's own country for a few days.
when i arrived at my accommodation i was given some of this.
bora brith i think it's called.

it was game on.

a rare welsh word containing two vowels.

mrs w's sock game was on point all weekend.
check out these bad boys.

i went for a walk on the saturday and decided to wear a small sheep on my head.

i also decided to clamber around the trees... a bit like a welsh predator.

breakfast was decent. i made a mr breakfast face and thought about my friend 'credit'
and how his nanny wouldn't approve.

not that my friend 'credit' has a nanny... i mean the nanny he hired for his little kiddie.
not that she's there any more anyway.

what i mean is, she didn't approve of me messing with my food.

maybe that's why he got rid of her ?

er... anyway...

the toast game with the breakfast was outstanding
just toast it.

the language of heaven.

or as al murray calls it... "code"

a poster i thought about buying in a shop somewhere...
maybe hay-on-wye.
it was an original film poster from the 1950's and also the title of a sitcom
about three designers that i was once thinking about writing.

a barmaid in hay-on-wye gave me some very unsatisfactory head.

on a lighter note, the shadow looks a bit like a horse showing off his biceps.
( do horses even have biceps ? )

a pretty racist / slanderous / financially inaccurate monument in chepstow.


welsh cakes being made at a little market stall in brecon.

i tried flirting with the ladies on the welsh cake stall.
the young girl seemed a bit shy but the nan found me very amusing.

cymru am byth

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