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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

hanging out with agent "y" in tokyo

in tokyo a couple of months back i met up with ex n7 resident
agent "y"

we went to go go curry in shibuya for a bite
that's me on the left.

then we skulked off to nigo's new place, 2-5 cafe
which, if you speak japanese is a pretty good name for nigo's cafe.

it had only been open for a couple of days. 

a self-portrait had to happen.

as did asking the waiter to take a pic of me and agent "y"

it's a blinding place. really good interior design, great drinks and food.

oh, and good luck finding it.

agent "y" with her beer

photographing some stickers i gave her.

el baƱo

standard procedure at 2-5.

as i mentioned earlier, the place had only just opened so there were lots of
bunches of flowers on show that people had sent to nigo to congratulate him

according to agent "y" they were all from really famous celebs

models, singers and such-like

these were from me.

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