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Friday, 30 November 2012

scorpion and sausages

scorpion and sausages

it can only mean that it's staff meal time in ec2.

cole haan x fragment design wingtips

in a shock move i bought some rhythms this summer.
these are very special.
i need to do a whole post about these lads.

give me a few days.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

some trainers i need to show you ( part four )

it's been a crazy year for trainers. so many great releases.
plus i've found some really great buys on ebay and converse...
well converse is another story altogether.

anyroadup, here are some more trainers i picked up over the summer
but haven't had the time to do a detailed blog post for yet.

the elusive 4th colourway of the gaucho's gym af-1 series

converse again. 
this is another collaboration with missoni.
this time they got together with the auckland racer model.
nice one converse, nice one missoni.

do converse make boots ?
though they might look a little odd, i've got to say that these are absolutely
magic darts. comfortable as balls too.
oh, also they have vibram soles, if you know about vibram you know the story.

supreme x nike af-1's from a couple of weeks back.
fire !

grrr !
year of the dragon 3's.
nice lace switch on these.

air max 90 infra red hyperfuse.
these were an extremely limited edition.
i bought these online at 1 second past midnight the day they dropped.
have i worn them yet ?


napkin girls

if there was an award for napkin folding...
these girls would win all day every day.
top girls.


i had a shoot in a kitchen at a new restaurant yesterday
and every so often when i walked around, i saw this...
the metal surface was very hot.
so were they thawing out the loaf ?
or was it being used to keep the switch depressed ?

any idea ?

get well soon

poor j-ro.
get well soon.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

some trainers i need to show you ( part three )

some more trainers i bought since summer and haven't explained to you yet.

htm flyknits
that's right. i got two pairs of these problems.

frankenstein af-1's... yep. two pairs of these too
don't judge me ... ( it's a long story )

i've no idea what you'd call these bad boys.
they are like an air max 90 on a 360 degree bubble sole.
i bought them in beijing anyway.
an interesting aside is that ten minutes after i bought these i was in hooters
having a beer...
that was in august i think, and i haven't had a beer since.

grrr ! these are beautiful in real life.
knitted japanese woolen converse jack purcells
genius !

i need to do a special post about these problems and sharpish about it.
leave it with me.

have you ever seen a pair of trainers on ebay that you kind of like.
so you put in a low offer because although you like them, you wouldn't
want to pay top whack for them ?
and then you win them !?

i've done that.

( for the record they are a limited edition usa edition suede footscape woven )

weekend in lisbon ( iphone pics )

last friday i travelled to lisbon for the weekend.

here are a few iphone pics and a few words of wisdom
( leave it )
to accompany them.

no idea why i took this photo. 
it's just my key wallet resting on my carry-on luggage.

why is it that whenever i'm at an airport, i eat like it's my last meal on earth ?
although i wasn't that hungry and they had porridge on the menu,
i decided to opt for the biggest breakfast on offer.

i travelled on tap airlines. i can honestly say it is one of the best airlines
i've ever flown with.
one thing lets it down badly though... the coffee.

this was on the safety card in the seat pocket in front of me.
in the event of a crash landing this little lad in the yellow vest will
start dancing like a champion.

this was part of a world map in the maritime museum in lisbon.

australians are funny aren't they ?
have you ever met one in the uk who says "tell you what, it's much
better here than in australia"

what ?

this looks like when i was canoeing in the lake district a few months ago...
but it was a photo in a museum

this was a flaming chorizo.
it was magic darts.

my two favourite people in the world.

in a restaurant in lisbon where the waiter was so miserable,
he made me look like a happy-go-lucky boy about town.
i told him i wanted a ricki lake and he pointed at the menu that the speciality
was seafood stew. so i told him i wanted steak. he then pointed at the seafood stew
being eaten at the table behind me. i told him i wanted a steak and he moped off.

in fairness the joe blake was really nice and the seafood stew looked despicable.

did i mention that it rained all weekend ?
this was on the walk back to my hotel from the seafood stew restaurant of happiness.

lisbon is kind of famous for it's nice toast.
this was the remains of my breakfast.
i know... i'll never get curly hair right ?

this was an antique cabinet in a museum.
are they owls ?

they sure look like cartoony owls to me.

the last thing i did in lisbon before heading to the airport was have a chicken pie
in a jazz cafe.

which reminds me... i have a cd to recommend to you.

the nata

the nata
it's a portuguese touch of genius.

right ?

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

our man in china ( iphone pic )

amazon delivered to whitfield towers today.
our man in china by ming liu.

may i politely suggest you all buy this book a bit sharpish ?

go on now... trust me on this.

genius ( iphone pic )

yesterday when i popped into yauatcha to grab two of my five a day
( leave it )
i saw these genius new macaroons...
christmas pudding flavour.

ho ho ho !

some trainers i need to show you ( part two )

a few more pairs of glorias to show you.

htm flyknits.
remember the queues this summer ?

htm flyknits.
remember the queues this summer ?

dover street market x nike air force 1's
remember the queues this summer ?

the ultra rare blue edition dover street market x nike af-1's
remember the queues this summer ?

converse jack purcells
remember when i kept mentioning the queues this summer ?
it was annoying wasn't it ?

converse chuck taylors
no queues but nice shoes.

more tomorrow.

Monday, 26 November 2012

wedding photographers

if you know one thing about me it's that i like photographing
wedding photographers right ?

ok i also like postcodes, nicknames, small letters, socks, watches,
coffee, trainers, harris tweed, japanese things, cheap chinese food,
football, cockney rhyming slang and being miserable.

but photographing wedding photographers is something i very much like.

so imagine my delight in st james's park a couple of weeks back when in
the distance i spotted a wedding dress.

i upped my pace and quickly caught up with the 'bride and groom'

the lady in the cheap fur coat had a camera by the way, as did the bloke in the
union jack hat.

work it.
hmmm... the bloke in the blue jacket had a camera too.

i jumped over the fence to stand on the grass and get a better shot of the photographers
genius !

the happy couple and their troupe of photographers drew quite a crowd
wait a minute...

she's having a joke...
all of a sudden she was getting stuck in with a different groom
while their photographers helped themselves.

what the what ?!
i thought the groom on the left was crying at seeing his new bride leave him for another

then i noticed that he had a camera too
and i realised it was a camera club outing with a model or two acting as the
happy couple.

at least i hope that's what it was.

more from mr brainwash

this is a bit of a rubbish post but oh well.

i was going to tell you that the mr brainwash exhibition is back on.
so i went there again and took a few more photos, because the whole
exhibition has been re-jigged and there are lots of new pieces on display.


there were lots of new pieces but..

the exhibition has finished again now.

oops !

oh well, look. here are a few of my favourites of the new pieces that were on show.

some dogs. maybe they are supposed to be like hmv dogs ?
they seem to be done in a krink style anyway.



grrr ! you know i'm still boycotting starbucks right ?

in fairness, this is a genius idea.
not in that size perhaps but a normal size can, possibly.

a massive polaroid camera. maybe 6 feet high.



taxi !

can you name all the people in this bar ?

i like ryder.
i wouldn't want to take her shopping but i do like her.

and finally, i think i showed you this a few months back but this time it
was hung in a better spot.
a fantastic 'gainsborough' of mr and mrs beckham.

genius !