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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

some trainers i need to show you ( part three )

some more trainers i bought since summer and haven't explained to you yet.

htm flyknits
that's right. i got two pairs of these problems.

frankenstein af-1's... yep. two pairs of these too
don't judge me ... ( it's a long story )

i've no idea what you'd call these bad boys.
they are like an air max 90 on a 360 degree bubble sole.
i bought them in beijing anyway.
an interesting aside is that ten minutes after i bought these i was in hooters
having a beer...
that was in august i think, and i haven't had a beer since.

grrr ! these are beautiful in real life.
knitted japanese woolen converse jack purcells
genius !

i need to do a special post about these problems and sharpish about it.
leave it with me.

have you ever seen a pair of trainers on ebay that you kind of like.
so you put in a low offer because although you like them, you wouldn't
want to pay top whack for them ?
and then you win them !?

i've done that.

( for the record they are a limited edition usa edition suede footscape woven )

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