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Sunday, 11 November 2012

glow-in-the-dark air force 1's

i don't usually like to talk about the price of things on my blog
but with these af-1's i'll make an exception.

this year nike have been celebrating the 30th anniversary of af-1's
and have launched some really nice editions.

they have also taken the opportunity to charge extremely high prices
for a few of these editions. it seems like it's paid off for nike because
people are willingly paying the high prices and resellers are laughing.

it seems like there is now a massive gap between general release af-1's 
and quickstrike limited editions in terms of price and materials used.

then last week i bought a pair that are just a general release 
( in the usa anyway )
and are made from some very nice premium materials.

i swear if nike had put them in the special 30th anniversary box and used xxx
dubres on them, they could have sold them for £170 a pair and people
would have queued up overnight for them.

here they are.
ok they don't look that special but...

the outsole is glow-in-the-dark
and the midsole has glow-in-the-dark flecks on it with the stripe and air
in glow-in-the-dark too.

i have only ever seen this used on yeezys before these
the rest of the shoes are in a dark blue leather

and they have decent dubres
no penny pinching on these. they look and feel like a top release

yet these cost me £56
bringing reasonably priced heat to the streets of n7

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