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Monday, 26 November 2012

some trainers i need to show you ( part one )

2012 has been an amazing year for trainers.

soon i'll be boring you by talking about my top ten trainers of the year
but before i do that, i need to show you some photos i have in my blog folder.

some photos of trainers i've bought this year but not yet photographed
and told you about in great detail ( as i know you like me to )

so before i get around to showing you these in close-up and explaining
about the details, here are some photos of them on my plates.

a pair of very special liberty edition air force 1's.
wow ! these are nice. plus they're very rare.

liberty edition nike air max 1's
these are my first pair of air max 1's. they're rare and as you can see,
they are head-turners.

frankenstein edition nike air force 1's.

nike flyknit trainers... very comfortable

the elusive fourth colourway of the gaucho's gym af-1's

air jordan 1's

a second pair of nike af-1 year of the dog editions. 
i tried these on for a photo then but them back to bed.

ok, not strictly new shoes. i think i showed these last year.
but i just wanted to talk to you about the lace swap i did on them.

interesting stuff eh ?

more tomorrow.

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