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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

adidas games maker shoes

my cousin was one of the helper people during the paralympics.

you know, the volunteers... the games makers. the people who gave up 
their spare time to help the olympics run smoothly, knowing full well they 
weren't going to get paid a penny for it.

to summarise, he's a good bloke.

as if helping out at the games wasn't enough selflessness
for one year, he continued to think of other people for a while after
the games ended.

i'm not interested in all that rubbish though.
what i'm interested in is that he asked me if i wanted a pair of the 
official olympic games maker shoes, as he stole a load of them
one night when he broke into the adidas office at the olympic village.

ok that last bit was a bit of a lie.

i believe that as one of the helpers, he was given the opportunity to
buy some shoes after the games if there were any left. 

obviously sensing that if i had a pair i could wear them and lie to people that i
was myself a volunteer during the olympics and my job was to iron
jessica ennis's vest or some such, i said yes please.

they arrived at my cousin's country estate today and he sent me these pics.

hmmm... not bad.
as you know, i'm not a great fan of adidas and i'm especially not a fan
of white outsoles, but i do like the grey colourway, the london 2012 branding
and for me the winning touch is the red lace. all in all i'd have to say they look
very nice indeed.

dag flabbit ! special insoles too. nice one adidas. nice one my cousin.

photos © nick nameless 2012

what ?

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