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Sunday, 18 November 2012

bamford watch department

you have no idea how much i like watches.
maybe i've touched on it previously ?

even before i was given my first timex when i was a nipper
i remember wearing a toy watch with an elasticated strap.
( the hands moved when you turned the winder but there was no mechanism )

i recall being fascinated by an old fob watch and chain that belonged to
my grandad and then as time passed ( leave it ) i used to love the digital watches
that became available, especially the l.e.d. versions that pre-dated the l.c.d.models.

after having a tag heur for a few years, i progressed to owning a rolex gmt master II
which in hindsight i kind of regret getting rid of.

i sold the rolex after 10 years or so to pay for the watch i have now,
a panerai gmt.

i never thought i'd want another watch ever. my panerai looks fantastic
and every day when i put it on i kind of smile to myself. it's a real beauty.

and then...

have you ever heard of the bamford watch department ?

they customise watches and their signature move is to treat them
to make the bracelet and watch in a black finish.

i thought they just did watches themselves and sold them but no...

you can actually customise the watches yourself.

have a butchers at the website and have a play with the customise section.

naturally enough i had a go...

here's my attempt at customising my old watch, a rolex gmt master II

and here's my second effort.
it's a watch that i really don't like in the style made by rolex, but made in a 
black version with my signature touches of orange...
hmmm... a rolex daytona.

do you think father christmas would bring me one ?

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