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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

wild and wood coffee

you know i drink a lot of coffee.

and you know i'm quite fussy about where i drink my coffee.

some places make really great coffee but lets say...
they have too many mums in there chatting while their kids run around
all over the place screaming and knocking things over.


it's difficult to find a seat because of all the people poking around on their
laptops plugged into the mains sitting there nursing an empty cup of coffee


because there are people using the place as a meeting room.

sometimes thought the coffee is good you feel a bit left out if
you obviously drove there by car and didn't leave your fixed gear bike outside.

so having given it a lot of thought i would have to say, my favourite place
in london to grab a decent coffee is wild and wood in wc1.

the coffee is spot-on, but it's not just about the coffee.

you know, people want different things from coffee shops so it's not like
i'm right and you're all wrong.

if you want a place to have a coffee while charging up your iphone and using the free
wi-fi to tart around on facebook or to skype friends in australia this is not the place for you.

if you want to bitch about your husband and how unfriendly your cleaner is 
with some other mums while blocking up the space with pushchairs, 
ignoring your kids as they run around annoying other customers... 
no, this isn't the place for you either ( that place is in stoke newington )

but if you want a cracking coffee in a real one-of-a-kind shop, maybe want to 
eat some tidy little cakes or pastries, do a bit of people watching
and be served by friendly staff... well this could be the place for you.

oh and guess what ?

it's getting recognition from others too.

seriously, give it a try. it's a great place.
the only down side is that you might see me in there.

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