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Friday, 16 November 2012


last friday i had a shoot at a place that i can only describe as "the sticks"

as i was early for the shoot ( my trademark move ) i decided to go for
a bit of a walk.

after a few minutes i saw this
so i walked a little closer...

to my surprise the lads behind the fence didn't move away.
in fact they came closer. they came to have a good look at me.

as i got nearer to the fence i started talking to them, you know... to try and
get them to stay close so i could take some photos and not scare them away.
it seemed to work and they stayed pretty close to me as if they were interested
in what i was saying.

of course the conversation was a little one sided and to be honest they didn't
say much themselves...
not even when i asked them if they had any plans for christmas.

what ?

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