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Thursday, 1 November 2012

harris tweed x converse ( japan only release )

a little while ago now, i took delivery of a pair of harris tweed converse.

they were a japan only release so it was quite tricky getting them but
that's half the fun right ?

now there's quite a story about converse japan.
it's a long story too so i won't bore you here, but what i will say
is that the converse available in japan are very different to the 
converse available in the rest of the world.

first up. look at the size of the box
both of these boxes contain converse all star hi-tops.
the top box is the one from japan.

cruel ?

the boots came with lots of tags attached
including this reminder to be wary of imposters and pretenders.


my favourite label was...
the one with the harris tweed orb

you know how much i love harris tweed right ?
i think it's been well documented on my blog over the past 3 years.
just type in the words "harris tweed" into the search bar at the bottom of this page.

er, anyway...
here they are.

chuck taylor converse all stars
constructed from harris tweed.

by the way. did you know that harris tweed is the only material in the world
with it's own act of parliament to protect it's authenticity ?
oh yes.

no spare laces with these japan only releases, but i substituted the white laces
for a brown set from another pair of all stars.
bringing heat to the streets of n7
( since 1996 )

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