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Thursday, 15 November 2012

the jane austen museum in bath

i've touched on the subject previously and i know it doesn't sit well
alongside me liking the wu tang clan, hip-hop and mash-ups. it doesn't fit in with
the fact that i like the die hard films, collect nike af-1's and watch a lot of football.

you wouldn't think it when i'm swearing like a docker because i can't find a 
parking space in golden square but...

... i am a jane austen fan.

last saturday i took a drive to bath and after visiting what is now my second
favourite coffee shop in the country ( colonna and smalls )
i sneaked over to have a looky at the jane austen museum.

if you're ever in bath and you fancy checking it out, it's located in...
what ? 

i won't bore you with loads of photos as i fear my reputation has already taken
a knock but for starters have a look at these badges in the museum shop.
ha ha !

i must admit, i hadn't heard of this one before.
had you ?

as you'd expect there were quite a few kitchens* 
look at these two, trying on some jane austen style dresses and bonnets
while the tour guide takes their photos.

final photo.
a letter to the museum from emma thompson.
maybe click on it to enlarge it and have a read.
( i like the final paragraph very much )

* as gooner jeff would say.


  1. Hi Mark,

    I've been reading your blog for a while and am really enjoying it. I particularly liked your Chinese padlock series..

    I have to ask; "kitchens"? Is that rhyming slang?


  2. ha ha ! somebody other than me likes the chinese padlocks. excellent !

    yes... "kitchens" is cockney rhyming slang.

    maybe it was a bit 100/40 of me to use it, but i do like a bit of rhyming slang.

  3. Doh! Had to google it - I'm a bit slow..

    1. i'm intrigued... did it say kitchen tap or kitchen sink ?
      gooner jeff ( who is my entourage linguistics master ) says it means kitchen tap.
      i think he has kitchen sink as "drink"