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Thursday, 1 November 2012

design junction stuff

here are a few more pics from design junction

that's right. the official stationery range of whitfield towers.
staplers, tape dispensers, scissors and clocks.
all designed by michael sodeau.

i'm pretty sure these bad boys have won awards.
you definitely need them in your house and i recommend you buy them.

( in fact, go buy them from twentytwentyone )

woah... not bad !
hand bound notebooks with cork or birch ? covers

also designed by michael sodeau and hand made in london,
especially for design junction

these are spot-on. there's something about cork isn't there ?

if there's one thing people like at a show, it's a freebie of some kind.
hats off to modus for giving away these usb key sticks.
good lads.

what the what ?!

modus have gone for the double.
free eco friendly coffee mugs too.
keep cups right ?

half-time score:
modus 2
the rest 0

modus were on fire.
in the background you can see shin azumi's tables
in the middle of the pic, bend by my good friend magnus long.

and modus had another player on show.
utilising my favourite colour ( orange ) alongside it's best friend ( yellow )
library by michael sodeau.

alas there was no harris tweed on show at modus but i still reckon it was
the best stand at design junction.

( well, either that or fernandez and wells / artek because they kept me
going with free coffee )

so there you have it. design junction.
remember when i did the preliminary shots to be used as publicity and i spent
ages knocking out self-portraits ?

remember when i used the library pieces for a couple of shots ?

what i'm saying is... next year, don't waste your time watching design junction
on my blog. grab yourself some tickets and see it for yourself.

trust me on this one.

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