snapshots and observations

Sunday, 31 March 2013

iphone sunday

listen... i've been busy.

too busy to blog.

plus i'm away in barcelona now so why don't i just continue to bore you
with iphone shots from tokyo ?


saturday morning and on my bed, a can of coffee and a membership card to 
a karaoke club.

standard saturday morning details.

hmmm... i guess this might have been sunday morning after work ?
i think these photos are all out of order to be honest.
i'll just post them and comment.

er... a bottle of stussy body wash i bought in harajuku.

some camo stussy converse all stars which i bought from the same place.

some aape camo socks.

some nice drinks in a vending machine.
by the way. not only are the vending machines stocked with cracking
drinks both hot and cold, a lot of them also have free wi-fi.
but it wouldn't work in the uk right ?

my hotel

my hotel.
orange lettering 
( bonus )

i'm pretty sure this was in bear pond coffee.
it's a very well respected coffee shop that is famous for good coffee
and grumpy staff. they don't allow any photography.

which is why i took this photo.

outstanding !
what a name.

this tickled me up.

as did this.

maybe i should do a collection of imitation supreme logos ?

boom !
there goes number two, because... what difference does it make ?
( heat right ? )

more tomorrow.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

black and white saturday

oh dear...
me... in a karaoke bar in shinjuku... late at night with three japanese girls...

with my reputation ?

Friday, 29 March 2013

iphone friday

iphone friday follows on from where i left off last week

i think this was waiting for the train to jingumae after i'd dumped
my bags at the hotel.

the map at jingu station showing a few local stores...
final home ?

skill !
my first flat white at omotesando koffee.
it is my favourite coffee shop in... well, in the world i suppose.
i went there 4 times in three days.

my friend m1 asked me to look out for a bag for him.
this is the one i recommended.

it was at the porter store.
grrr ! i was so tempted to buy it for myself.
but i resisted.

i took a trip to the aape shop and was very impressed.
you know how much i love orange right ?
but i don't think i could pull off a bright orange jacket so i took this
photo for a fried of mine.

sweet deets... camo lining.
it may well have been a reversible jacket for all i know.
they did do a lot of reversible stuff at aape.

the velcro attachable aape logo in leather was a nice touch.
( regret )

trademark move when checking into a hotel when i'm feeling sleepy and half-awake /
jet-lagged... i always photograph my room number.

last shot of friday night.
a street full of amazing little bars.
this was in shinjuku.

mmmm... that orange sign.

more to come.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

some photos from tokyo.

naturally enough i went to a couple of bathing ape stores in tokyo.

in the shibuya store i tried on this bape x snugpak gillet.
it was a steal. almost half the price of buying it in london.
so i stole it...
no i bought it but it was like a steal.

kana, who was my assistant on one of my shoots took the above pic
and the below pic.
as you can see, i was flying the flag with a supreme union jack box logo tee.

the next day i had a lingerie shoot, kana was assisting and took this shot of me
once again i'm flying the flag with a union jack vape t-shirt.

here's an iphone snap of kana and coco ( the model )
nice to see coco representing n7.

and a self-timer shot of the three of us after the shoot
i think it's the law in japan that in all photos, at least one person makes 
a peace sign with their fingers.
just like it's the law that i look miserable.

lot's more to come from tokyo over the next week or so.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

tokyo behind the scenes... ish pics

me in a cycle shop / coffee shop in shimokitazawa
as ever, i was fascinated by something stupid 

here's what i was photographing
i think they are little capsules of milk... or maybe syrup.

and here i am in shim-uma
looking like a tourist

here's my photo

one more photo of me in action
in nigo's curry up in sendagaya

and my photo
butter chicken curry and rice.

magic darts !

( thanks to kana for showing me around tokyo and for taking the photos of me )

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

tuesday nonsense

a car i spotted on the a40 last friday.
yes it's an iphone photo but i couldn't wait until friday to slip this one in.
what a great number plate. pity it doesn't have a 5 on the end though.

excellent stuff from mark drew.

last week a lady in scotland contacted me to see if i could help her source
a pair of harris tweed converse all stars.
during the emails we exchanged, she advised me to visit the outer hebrides
and see where harris tweed is made.

i was a bit doubtful, then she sent me a photo of a beach up there.
sure, it's not blackpool but it looks ok i guess.

self portrait in so43
marc jacobs, hiut, missoni x converse

a lot of people have been asking if finalhome went to tokyo with me.
and if so, what did he get up to... did he have a good time.
well yes of course he came with me.

did he have a good time ?
to be honest, he didn't say much...

Monday, 25 March 2013

new coffee machine

one last birthday present arrived at whitfield towers a couple of weeks ago.


it came in three parts.

part one.
a big bag of coffee.
brasil's finest.

parts two and three
the coffee "machine" and a tin coffee mug...
an orange tin coffee mug.

as those meerkats would say... simples
what a genius invention.

just pour some freshly ground coffee into the filter
and some onto the kitchen surface

then pour on some boiling water

and sing a little song to yourself while the beautiful brown liquid pours through
into the orange mug.
i usually like to go with 'push it' by salt 'n' pepa
or maybe even 'mack the knife' by bobby darin.
i suppose i should have ended with a photo of the coffee in the mug
but even though the coffee looked as black as my heart and the mug is
my favourite colour ( or if you're in the usa, 'colour' )
i couldn't wait to try the coffee... my birthday coffee.

and the verdict ?

two enthusiastic thumbs up.

who needs nespresso when you've got this brasilian bit of kit ?

( many thanks to la niƱa for this )

Sunday, 24 March 2013

another birthday present

a tray from brasil
great !

Saturday, 23 March 2013

black and white saturday

in omotesando last friday.

i'd been in japan for maybe two hours when i bumped
into these two characters. two well known lads from the london scene.
and over some fantastic iced lattes we chatted about apes and things.

in shinjuku last sunday i met up with this young lady.
a model who i had the pleasure of photographing.

and of course, being photographed with.

Friday, 22 March 2013

iphone friday

today's iphone friday is a small selection of iphone shots i took from 
last thursday when i flew to tokyo.

dressed and ready for the long journey.
i decided to treat tokyo to a look at my bespoke harris tweed nike af-1's.
the orange dots on the ice outsoles are one of my signature moves.

bags packed. most of this is camera equipment.
i was only going to be in tokyo for two and a half days.

i had a corking seat on the flight out to narita.
world traveller premium or whatever it's called,
plus i had a window / exit seat.
bonus !

outstanding legroom. even at full stretch i couldn't touch the wall.
( not that i'd put my feet on the wall anyway... on account of me having manners )

if anybody ever asks me what my favourite type of food is,
i usually reply "airplane food"
note i'm double parking with the red wine... just to be sure.

after watching a couple of films ( cloud atlas and ted )
and getting a bit of kip, it was time for breakfast.
naturally i ignored the mushrooms and tomato but i waded into the omelette,
bacon and sausage. oh i left that muffin thing too.

at one point, i guess when we were near mount fuji, the pilot announced
"for those seated on the right hand side, if you look out of your window
you can see mount fuji"
so i did.

standard procedure while waiting for my luggage at an airport.

while waiting for the narita express to shinjuku i noted a vending
machine behind me on the platform.
onion potage in a tin...
strange behaviour from the man from del monte.

i didn't drink any coffee on the plane.
i was saving myself for a visit to omotesando koffee.
but as soon as i sat down on the narita express i felt dog tired.
so my first purchase in japan was a cup of coffee on the train.

which cheered me up no end.

more japanese iphone adventures next friday.