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Thursday, 28 March 2013

some photos from tokyo.

naturally enough i went to a couple of bathing ape stores in tokyo.

in the shibuya store i tried on this bape x snugpak gillet.
it was a steal. almost half the price of buying it in london.
so i stole it...
no i bought it but it was like a steal.

kana, who was my assistant on one of my shoots took the above pic
and the below pic.
as you can see, i was flying the flag with a supreme union jack box logo tee.

the next day i had a lingerie shoot, kana was assisting and took this shot of me
once again i'm flying the flag with a union jack vape t-shirt.

here's an iphone snap of kana and coco ( the model )
nice to see coco representing n7.

and a self-timer shot of the three of us after the shoot
i think it's the law in japan that in all photos, at least one person makes 
a peace sign with their fingers.
just like it's the law that i look miserable.

lot's more to come from tokyo over the next week or so.

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