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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

3 quick pics

how did i ever manage to do 1000 posts in a year ?
i'm struggling to do one per day now.

no theme today, just three quick pics i have kicking around.

this year's nike af-1's to celebrate the chinese new year.
the year of the snake.
these released here in late january but still haven't dropped in the usa.
hopefully i'll give you the full review of these bad boys soon.

black and white photography gets a bit neglected these days doesn't it ?
back in the day when you'd put a roll of film in your camera you'd make the
choice to shoot in b&w.
nowadays it's really all colour.
perhaps i'll attempt to pad this year's blog out with another theme day.
so alongside iphone friday, maybe i'll do b&w saturday ?


i'll definitely be keeping up my series of moody self-portraits this year.
although i like them the best when it's just me, i do enjoy sometimes
being joined by a guest star or two.
on this occasion i was joined by 'z'
and a fox.

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