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Saturday, 2 March 2013

another late birthday present


another late birthday present.
if there's one thing i like almost as much as nike air force 1's
and coffee, it's receiving late birthday presents.

a week or so ago a friend of mine handed this envelope to me.
i took the use of capital letters as a direct insult,
 but the flamboyant 'y' i took as a form of apology.

inside the envelope, a genius present. two of my favourite things.
1. laces
   2. orange

that's right... orange laces.

these are quality... they are slim and waxed, which is just how i like my...

... er... just how i like my... laces.

also these are for proper shoes not for trainers.
i'm going to drop them onto a pair of cole-haan wingtips
over the weekend.

many thanks to m1 for these bad boys.

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