snapshots and observations

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

tuesday nonsense

a car i spotted on the a40 last friday.
yes it's an iphone photo but i couldn't wait until friday to slip this one in.
what a great number plate. pity it doesn't have a 5 on the end though.

excellent stuff from mark drew.

last week a lady in scotland contacted me to see if i could help her source
a pair of harris tweed converse all stars.
during the emails we exchanged, she advised me to visit the outer hebrides
and see where harris tweed is made.

i was a bit doubtful, then she sent me a photo of a beach up there.
sure, it's not blackpool but it looks ok i guess.

self portrait in so43
marc jacobs, hiut, missoni x converse

a lot of people have been asking if finalhome went to tokyo with me.
and if so, what did he get up to... did he have a good time.
well yes of course he came with me.

did he have a good time ?
to be honest, he didn't say much...


  1. finalhome needs his own blog

  2. that's the most sensible comment you've ever left.

    i'll mention it to him.

  3. To be honest, words would've escaped me too. Lucky guy in my opinion.